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Geschrieben von a visitor am 12. November 2002 16:53:02:

Als Antwort auf: zum ganzen geschrieben von besucher am 12. November 2002 13:39:22:

hello elmifans,

as one can read off from the number contributions since it a becoming extinct kind or it is perhaps because of it that generally in the forum again-given atmo is so negative each normal after to read by two contributions is depression-endangered....

that is everything from yesterday... gejammere... oh God the..es seems thus to you soooo verdammmt badly to really go... and all different is by the way responsible... the transmitters the coworkers... the world... everything shits..und the only... five hansel... to know like it is made to in this forum... and those do not have unbelievably much to critcize... however solutions those have I yet read....wenn their radio from yesterday want... regulate with the responsible persons sponsoring... have it with those spoken those the hammer in the hand to actually already have nevertheless...

it has a letter to the director of swr... if wuerd I that gladly times to see with this ominoesen friedel already times one of you motzweltmeistern spoken... gives... you do to me wrong in such a way... because it you do not think capable of something to change... therefore gehts... that are only negative nevertheless soo simply... I was to the study in the
USA..dort call one such zealots and muzzle heroes simply w.trash...

thus remains like it are alone and without influence each governing wishes itself such oposition!

loves greet from Munich

a visitor

PS: I know my kauderwelsch is bullshit, but I verlor my Deutsch and English during my great days in the US komplett


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